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Sorem Trasmissioni Meccaniche srl

Customer service

Sorem offers its customers a very high level of service always trying to satisfy the customer.
The lean structure of Sorem allows for a quick dialogue with the customer to satisfy every technical or production need in the shortest possible time always maintaining a very high level of service.
These are our keywords:
  1. On-time deliveries;
  2. Order processing speed;
  3. Efficiency and effectiveness in the realization of our products;
  4. High quality standards;
  5. Clarity and transparency in the relationship with the customer;
  6. Production flexibility;
  7. Courtesy of our staff;

OEM customer service

Sorem supplies national and international manufacturers of agricultural machinery, earthmoving, trucks, engines for boats and many other sectors supplying the assembly line directly.

Service for small builders

Sorem also supplies smaller series to small manufacturers by transferring its know-how to them based on a consolidated and decades of experience.


Sorem is equipped with a technical office, a quality control office and dedicated test benches that allow it to develop prototypes, test them and supply them to the customer;

Spare parts

We can provide our customers with all the codes of their products, even after decades of their production exit.