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Choice of double cardan joints

Choice of the cardan joint according to the maximum torque


This section presents the maximum torque parameters for which the selection of the most suitable double cardan joint is determined.

Mtmax maximum sizing torque
Mtsstarting torque
Mtmdrive torque
imaxmaximum transmission ratio
irdistribution ratio
Mtagrip torque
Pmaximum weight on the axle
rswheel radius under static load
µFriction coefficient
iffinal reduction ratio of the wheel

To choose the coupling, use the maximum torque value given by formula 1 (if the starting torque is greater than the grip torque) or by formula 2 (if the grip torque is at least double the starting torque).
To calculate the starting torque and the grip torque , use formulas 3 and 4 respectively.

Maximum transmissible torque as a function of the angle of inclination

coppia massima
Mtmaxmaximum transmissible torque
ßangle of inclination
The maximum torque that can be transmitted by a double cardan joint decreases as the angle of inclination increases, between the main shaft and the shaft secondary, according to the curve of fig. 1.
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